pins | silver | one of a kind


I often translate my uneasiness into jewelry.
The work I present here is based on a passage of the "Tale of the Unknown Island" by José Saramago. The quote “every man is an island” lingered in my head, and deepening my research I realized that the portuguese writer was referring to John Donne, a XVI century english poet that stated "no man is an island."

“Archipelago” is my contribution to this conversation.
I recognize that in some intimate way we are always alone, but on the other hand, I believe we are the result of the relationships we build. Isolated in ourselves we wouldn't be who we are or where we are.
I also strongly believe that this is a relevant theme to the contemporary jewelry. We usually work alone in our studios, but our work is complete when it's seen, touch and worn by someone else.

“Archipelago” is made with unique pieces: a set of silvers tiny islands. When different people wear the series of brooches, they (knowing or not) form an invisible web connecting them. In the second piece the archipelago is displayed in a necklace with the unique islands delicately connected.

One year after making the series I interfiered in some of them, with gold leaf, a way to show the duality of my conclusion.