“So this moment of complete suspension, an imperturbable calm, would be the most conducive time for the birth of consciousness (...) “
John Cage

In these work i’ve incorporated phenomena as refraction and reflection as a means of expanding the visual aspects of the piece.

Besides the touchable materials I work with light and shadow and their effects. Reason I searched a resistant and transparent material through which I could express constant subjective themes of my personal research: as sacred, levitation, sublimation, breathing, floating and transformation between solid, liquid, gas.

My raw material, in this work, is synthetic and affordable witch is transformed into precious, unique, enigmatic and multiple. I believe it is these surprises to look at, to touch, to unveil the variation of behaviours according to the light and visual angles that feeds our souls.

For the last year I have been developing my own way to transform the acrylic glass. Create bubbles in that material means to crete suspended layers, a way to design inside the acrylic glass and making a synthetic material breathes. The intentional gap is created constructed between the oroglas and the silver plates, to be filled with light, shadow, refraction, reflection and time.

Suspension of the bubbles. Suspension of the acrylic glass above the polished silver base. Suspension of time.

Beside the movement of the bubbles that came to surface, during the heating process, we also find the movement allowed by the articulations pieces. Everyone is convoked to find their own ways to wear my piece of jewelry.


"Então, esse momento de completa suspensão, de uma calma imperturbável, seria a hora mais conducente para o nascimento da consciência (...)"

*trecho retirado do livro OTHER PEOPLE THINK John Cage, projeto de Alfredo Jaar, tradução Lucrécia Zappi publicado pela Ikrek edições.