meeting area

rock crystal

Constant turning in a focused point, that far from remaining in the same place, always reaches new depth. The works come from a unique piece of rock crystal. One is shaped by spiral cuttings, the other by drillings. Both are related to my recent work where I explore the cutting as the main action to transform the material, creating lines, light and free space for new connections. At the same time that they are my answer to the exhibition "broca1:11".

The pieces conduct the viewer to a center area, but the cuts are not concentric.
A particularity is also intentional: a clean, polished, delineated side conformed by a chaotic, organic, natural verse. Also as a metaphor for what gives us form as a group.

"broca 1:11" was an exhibition and lecture given by Kika Rufino, Renata Meirelles e Renata Porto to present the Brazilian Group Broca for the first time in Europe. An invitation from PiN Portuguese jewelry association that toke place at SNBA Lisboa (Fine Arts National Society). The exhibition showed the interpretation of the 11 members of the group towards the word "broca" (drill) that names the group, shown as a dictionary entry:

"Giro constante num ponto focado, que longe de permanecer no mesmo lugar, sempre atinge nova profundidade" Kika Rufino