This work was specially made for the Contest “Gioielli in Fermento 2015”. The theme of that edition “food for our soul” associates art jewellery with the wine making process.

The work presented is the result of the maturation of my research with the acrylic glass, where – as in the wine fermentation process – the transformation of the material is controlled by the temperature and time.

By producing bubbles in this material, it is as if I were doing a synthetic material breath. Poetically, giving it anima. And thus it is an invitation to rethink the concept of preciousness.

The choice of form is a reference to the grapes, the cross section of the fermentation vats, bottle and glass of wine, round. The transparency and light are features that make allusion to time and wine.

The result is multiple, both the enigmatic reflections and refractions produced between the acrylic glass, light, ink and polished silver; as by its articulated composition, which allows various forms of use.

So, like the experience of drinking a good wine, even when repeated, the experience of dressing that jewellery is always unique and multiple at the same time.

silver, acrylic glass, ink